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The 3rdí░International Arbitration without Frontiersí▒ International Seminar Held in Shanghai

On June 27, 2017, jointly organized by CIETAC and ICC Court, the 3rdí░International Arbitration without Frontiersí▒ international seminar was held in Shanghai. Deputy Chairman and Secretary General of CIETAC Wang Chengjie and President of ICC International Court of Arbitration Alexis Mourre attended the seminar and delivered the keynote speeches.

In the keynote speech titled Improving the Credibility of the Arbitration, Helping the Development of the Belt and Road, Wang pointed out that the credibility of arbitration is the life and soul, and enhancement of that depends on increasingly improving arbitration and legal system, optimizing the judicial environment for arbitration, strengthening self-construction of arbitration institutions and positively telling arbitration stories. As the first international commercial arbitration institution in China, CIETAC has made historical contribution to the establishment of Chinese modern arbitration legal system and will continue to actively promote the progress of amendment of Chinese arbitration law and optimization of judicial environment for arbitration, to increasingly perfect the arbitration rules, to intensify the construction of arbitrators, to try hard to raise the level of publicity for arbitration and fully deepen the corporation of international arbitration affairs as well. Wang also stressed that under the background of the Belt and Road, international arbitration faces brand-new historical opportunity for development as well as the severe test. Ití»s necessary to effectively enhance the credibility of arbitration and try to provide the Belt and Roadí»s construction with solid legal safeguard in order to achieve greater new progress of international arbitration during the practice of serving the Belt and Road initiative.

Alexis Mourre said that China is at an important historical turning point. The Belt and Road initiative is a significant strategy for China to play a greater role on the international stage. China has become the power of mutual investment, and arbitration is the efficient measure to protect outbound investment. Over the past decade, among the cases accepted by ICC Court, the number of those involving Chinese parties is 584. The amount of Chinese parties ranks first among the Asian ones, indicating the arbitration users group in China is rapidly expanding.

The theme of this seminar is Best Management of Dispute Resolution for the Belt and Road. During the one-day conference, over 30 known arbitration experts from home and abroad themed on such frontier issues of international arbitration development under the Belt and Road initiative as the Role and Future Development of Arbitration Institution in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative, Alternative Dispute Resolution-Judicial Perspectives from the Belt and Road, How to Improve the Transparency and Efficiency, The keys to the Appointment of Arbitrators, Arbitrating Cross-border Engineering Disputes, the Recent Developments in the Practice of ICC and CIETAC. More than 200 judges, arbitrators, lawyers, corporate counsels and international organizationsí» officials from over 10 countries and regions such as France, USA, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan participated this seminar.



During the conference, Wang and Alexis Mourre held working talks. Both parties made an in-depth exchange on deepening corporation between the two institutions and reached extensive consensus.

Deputy President of CIETAC Arbitration Court Mr. Zhao Jian, Secretary General of CIETAC Shanghai Sub-commission Ms. Jiao Yani also attended the seminar and gave speeches.