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The "Online Dispute Resolution in the Internet-Plus Era" Conference successfully hosted in Beijing

18 June 2015

On 5 June 2015, the “Online Dispute Resolution in the Internet-Plus Era” conference jointly hosted by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) and the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center (ADNDRC) was successfully convened in Beijing. CIETAC Vice Chairman and Secretary General, Dr. Yu Jianlong attended the conference and gave a welcome speech on behalf of the hosting institutions. CNNIC Vice Chairman, Mr. Qi Lin, and ICANN Head of China, Mr. Song Zheng, gave keynote speeches at the conference.

Mr. Yu Jianlong in his speech pointed out that the CIETAC Online Dispute Resolution Center (ODRC) started to provide domain name dispute resolution service in 2000.It has resolved 3000 domain name disputes under the domain name dispute resolution mechanism in CIETAC, among which there were 1000 gTLDs cases, and 2000 .cn cases. Domain name dispute resolution mechanism has become the preferred choice of domain name disputes because of its fairness, efficiency, rapidness and enforcement advantages. With the ever increasing amount of gTLDs coming with ICANN’s launch of new gTLDs, the domain name dispute resolution mechanism provides the internet users with more options, and offer new opportunities to the internet industry. On the other hand, it also brings new issues and challenges to the domain name dispute resolution and intellectual property protection. ADNDRC and CIETAC ODRC are devoted to resolving domain name related intellectual property disputes and providing satisfactory services to protect parties’ legitimate rights.

At the same time, in order to meet the need of the increasing amount of e-business disputes, CIETAC promulgated the Online Arbitration Rules in 2009, which was amended in 2014. CIETAC online arbitration is to take full use of emails, online case management system, video conferences and other means of internet technologies to manage the arbitration proceedings in the dispute resolution process. In its design, the online arbitration took full consideration of existing law and international conventions, with advantages of traditional arbitration and efficiency needed by the internet development, providing commercial disputes and e-business disputes with the most rapid dispute resolution procedure. 

CNNIC Vice Chairman, Mr. Qi Lin, pointed out in his speech that .cn and .中国are the ccTLD(Country-Code TLD) representing China on the Internet. With the rapid development of China internet industry, the registrations of ccTLD have maintained a rapid growth. By the end of April 2015, the amount of registrations of ccTLD have been over 1,200,000, ranking second only to .com, .net and .de., which took more than 50% of domestic domain name market share. Domain name registration service agencies have reached 84 over China, domain name registration agencies have reached more than 5000. By May 29, 583.5 million new Gtlds (NEWG) have been registered, among which 1.48 million have being registered in China. In order to maintain the security of internet environment, CNNIC attaches great importance to the relationship of management and development. On one hand, it promotes domain name’s development by way of removing the relevant examination and approval, of reserving domain names to open registration; on the other hand, it also promotes the healthy balanced development of domain names by way of strict rights and interest mechanism. Domain name dispute resolution service provided by CIETAC ODRC with its rapid and efficiently resolving domain name disputes is the core part of CNNIC domain name dispute resolution mechanism, which has played an important role in the Internet environment security.

ICANN Head of Being, Mr. Song Zheng, introduced the latest development of NEWG and the latest progress of the ICANN internationalization. From the point of domain name registrations, the amount of registration has reached 6 million, of which .xyz took the largest share approximately 1 million, and while the top 10 registrations are all over 100,,.wang and .公司 are all on the top lists among these NEWGS related to China. With large amount of NEWGS have been used, the relevant domain name disputes will also experience an increase, and the need of domain name dispute resolution and online trademark protection will also be in demand. He hopes that all concerned experts and practitioners can work together to make positive contributions to maintaining a secure, stable and elastic domain system and establishing a unified global Internet.

The conference focused on “Online Dispute Resolution in the Internet-Plus Era”, attracted more than 20 speakers including judges, experts and practitioners from areas such as domain name, intellectual property and e-business. Their speeches covered new gTLDs right protection mechanism, relations of domain name disputes resolution, litigation and arbitration, e-business legislation and online dispute resolution mechanism, and online arbitration, combining with the relative domestic and international legislation as well as cases. More than 170 judges, scholars, lawyers, trademark attorneys, domain name registrars, and legal consultants attended the conference, which made the conference a great success.